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Available Services

Consultation, Room Spec Layouts, Spectrum Analysis

1) Free Room Spec - $0 - Free Consultation either remotely via telephone/email, or in person at our Location!

The client may send or bring us the sketches with dimensions of each surface to be treated - accounting for windows, lengths, widths, heights, ceiling, door size, positioning of furniture and outlets.  Or the Client may also come to our location to quickly lay out a plan and layout. We may also other noise control solutions and isolation materials if a noise issue presents the need.  


We also Plan to add an app and calculator to the site soon which will automatically generates a very basic room kit per room size or space to be treated based on total square footage of wall spaces with or without treated doors and minusing window square footage..


2) Basic Acoustical Room Layout Spec - $120 - Basic Treatment Layout (Morning or afternoon Visit) 

1 hour Visit where a Trained rep from our company visits the site to take measurements and provide basic drawings of the panel basic layout with a recommendation for the most appropriate preset panel sizes for partial, medium or high coverage wall and/or ceiling coverage. Any recommendation will be up to the rep’s best judgment.  Includes Sound Isolation recommendations and diagnosing if requested. 


3) Detailed Acoustical Spec –$240 Half Day Visit – Mixed and/or Preset sizesd Paneling Treatment Plan

An Acoustical Engineer will visit the site to take fairly detailed measurements with a one-point full range room spectrum analysis reading and to provide a drawing plan the next day for majority surface coverage with a mix or preset sizes and some possible semi-custom sizes as well where needed). Includes Sound Isolation recommendations and diagnosing if requested. 


4) Advanced Acoustical Spec:  Semi Custom Treatment Plan - $350 per visit.

Acoustical engineer visits the site to take very detailed and complete surface application measurements.  This is considered a full day charge with later graphic layout drawings provided of the room outlining panel sizes and placements. Also includes detailed 2.1 point with low frequency reference points of spectrum analysis readings. Involves computer graphic drawing plans per surface wall or ceiling or section.  Plan for small spaces between panels (Up 3 inch or lower spaces in between panels and panel edges to trims, corners, surface ends, (or distances to corner absorbers if any). Treatment plan with semi-custom sizes. 75-90 percent room coverage.


5) High Budget Custom Project Acoustical Spec: Call for Quote (Price and Amount off trips will vary per project). 

All Plans for full 90-100 percent coverage with panel+ diffusion coverage touching seams touching units with a tolerance of between 1/8th inch to 1/6thinch. (Full day charge full room 5-point+ two low frequency reference analysis points, plus detailed computer graphic layout drawings of each wall before deciding.  

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