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Soundcontrol Acoustics has been adressing the requirements and challenges of many noise-control and room tuning applications from room deadening, soundproofing/isolation, and all the way to fine-tuning room acoustics and everything in between to serve the needs of those who demand the most effective and finest acoustical treatments within any need from budget, functional-efficient, pro, and all the way to premum applications and needs. 
Our Products and services cover a wide array of uses from offices, home theatres, music schools, recording studios, churches, gyms, corporate lobbies and waiting areas,boardrooms,  home studios, radio stations, TV Stations,  rehearsal spaces, 2-channel listening rooms, film studios, Audio Edit Suites, Live Sound, Theatres, and general noise control inquiries, home studios, home theatres, 2-channel audio listening rooms, audio edit suites, live sound, church sound, and portable baffles and booths. 
Our catalog of products range from acoustic foam available with a wide variety of designs and edge profiles, all the way to high end designer level panels for premium recording studios and even corporate boardrooms and courtrooms.
In addition to this service, we have now also added a line of studio production desks for producers, artists ad musicians.
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