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Large Speaker Monitor  Stacks for Sound Therapy and/or 
Mastering Studios and Audiophiles
How about a premium level of sound that is larger than life but alot more budget friendly than the most expensive speakers out there?

After a decade of business in acoustical treatments for many audio spaces with many different audio systems; a set of original concepts for a line of speakers had to be developed. Our first concepts and designs were influenced by both large format studio mastering monitor designs; elements from ul
tra high-end live sound; and a touch of home and/or spa design to bring a new concept of amplified sound for therapeutic function. Enjoy a highly discounted introductory clearance sale on our first speaker concepts that can be used for either home audiophile listening or large format studio mixing/mastering, but are intended primarily for clinical use in the health and wellness industry based on the measured therapeutic benefits of high amplitude sound therapy.

Instead of doing a full range bass reflex design per channel, there is a dedicated subwoofer band to keep each part of the 4-way system focused to minimize frequency intermodulation between the bass and the midbass/low midrange. Compares to a level of sound that would normally be orders of magnitude more expensive because of our quest to develop a more budget friendly heavy duty tall audiophile tower that has that pure and expensive sound.

The purist was also undertaken because of noticing the therapeutic/healing effect of amplified wellness related sounds and frequencies on the body. You can now experience this first hand with an in person demo. Our speakers have caught the attention of some prominent people in both the music and sound therapy industry. For example,  some audio engineers and some of Toronto's most reputable sound healing firms have in demos taken notice of these and the feedback has been that they are the most therapeutic, fullest, cleanest, and purest natural sounding speaker towers they have ever heard.

With this introductory sale you can now for a limited time enjoy that 6 digits level sound starting at 4 digit pricing per piece. There is a couple concepts on display available for a quick introductory steal. The white full stack is a prototype and the grey monitor is an official model with minor blemishing. Approx 1875-2175 watts of power handling per entire tower channel with sub depending on which model, for the ultimate in headroom.

Model L2.D10D5HSKT.A1 is a dual 10" / dual 6" / horned silk dome tweeter white marble finish, 3/4" baltic birch construction, heavy duty 1/4" vinyl layer with and Stone Finish top layer, top monitor.  Ideally matched with a dual 15 sub below (price is 6999 per top monitor and 5499 per dual sub. Just under 6 feet tall both stacked. Dimensions are 68" Tall x 19" Wide x 18" Deep.  Both top and sub are Approx 270 pounds weight per stacked tower.

The grey stone finish top is Model L2-D122D6HSKT.A1 is a dual 12"/ dual 6" / horned silk dome tweeter is heavier at about 180lb just for the top. Matching Subwoofer section to be added. We are also working on several other models as well.

Also features our newly designed original decoupled stacking isolator system influenced by the industry standard speaker Isolation concepts but with the added advantage of fastened stacking. Main top can be angled downwards by a few degrees with alternate wedge isolator units. Rear compartmentalization of the units offer unparalleled versatility in configuration possibilities for three options such as: standard multi-amp inputs (as is now), or optional premium plate amps.

We absolutely guarantee that the build, unique new bracing methods, internal acoustics, dampening, internal shaping and overall concept offers a sound quality that compares to items in the audiophile industry costing many times more than we are building these for and if anything they in most cases have an even larger sound.  This is a set of prototypes for a second level up from an entry level product. We have about 9 designs total. Message for more details or an appointment for a demo.

Specs for Level 2 Marble White Finish stack (monitor top and sub bottom) for Multi-amp input:
Materials: High grade 13-ply 3/4 high grade baltic birch + heavy duty 1/4" vinyl layer with and stone finish top layer
Price: $6999 for Top, $5499 for Sealed Dual 15" Sub Bottom (Or $4499 for Ported  single 15"Sub)
Dimensions for entire tower top with sub: 68"Tall x 19 inch Wide x 18" Deep Stack
Weight: 270 lbs - entire stack
Frequency Response: Top Monitor 35hz to 22kHz in full range mode (when paired with matching sub then top monitor crossed over above 100hz with sub playing down to 25hz)
Total Power handling capability: 1875 Watts RMS (when coupled with subwoofer section).
Inputs: For Multi-amped Speaker Binding posts and 1/4" Input jack.

1000 watt rms Subwoofer section - 4ohm (dual 8ohm 15" in parallel), reinforced paper cones
600 watt rms Low woofer section - 4ohm (dual 8ohm 10" in parallel), reinforced paper cones
200 watt rms High mid section 4ohm (dual 8ohm 5" in parallel) reinforced paper cones, MTM configuration
75 watt rms tweeter Section - 8ohm single horned silk dome tweeter

Specs for Level 2 Grey Stone single monitor top for Multi-amp input:
Materials: High Grade 13-ply 3/4 High Grade Baltic Birch + Heavy Duty 1/4" vinyl layer with stone finish top layer
Dimensions 29"Tall x 22.5 inch Wide x 22" Deep
Weight 180 lbs estimated 450lb when paired two subs.
Frequency Response of top monitor: 35Hz to to 22kHz for top in full range mode (when paired with matching sub and top monitor crossed over above 100hz and sub playing down to 15hz)
Total Power handling capability: 1175 Watts RMS for top. 2675 Watts When Paired with Matching Sub configuration
Inputs: For Multi-amped Speaker Binding post and 1/4" Input jack.

800 watt rms Low woofer section - 4ohm (dual 8ohm 10" in parallel) reinforced paper cones
300 watt rms High mid section 4ohm (dual 8ohm 5" in parallel) reinforced paper cones in MTM configuration
75 watt rms tweeter Section - 8ohm single horned silk dome tweeter,

Sold per individual tower channel and other finishes are available. Higher end models in prototyping also to be sold and to be based on either stained or real stone layer, thicker walls and beveled profiling.
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