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Pro Studio Desks

After many requests at our soundproofing operation to build a convenient music production desk to fill in key areas that other desks on the market ignore or omit, we have now finally released a desk model available for purchase. Soundcontrol Studio Music/TV/Film Production Desks Now Available for Producers, Musicians, and Post Audio persons needing Maximum Functionality and easy access, and proper cable flow and organization. The model version pictured here is cut shorter at the front of the table to accommodate for a smaller sized room and small control surfaces, but normally the total table Space from the front edge to the racks is a depth of 19 Inches to fit most control surfaces and medium-sized mixers.
The conception seen here will out perform other common desk designs in the following areas: Improvements over other common designs: -Improved cooling and airflow to racks -Clear Easy Rack Access -proper spacing beneath racks for ideal cable runs from controllers and devices -Tons of Racks! (12U up top + 12U with lower dual computer platform for a total of 24 max rack spaces!)
Conveniently Angled and lifted Racks out of the way of controller inputs and outputs -Easy rear rack panel access from the rear!
Efficient Cable management and access! Prevent downward cable weight on inputs/outputs at the backs of the units.
Large size keyboard tray! (23 inches deep, 57 Inches Wide Space for computer keyboard + Midi Keyboard)  
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