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Agares Guitars



Agares Guitars is a company that has been established for one reason only - we have never been satisfied with the guitars available out there for metal music.


There will be three different lines of instruments built for either Studio Recording for Lead or Rhythm, and Live performance instruments.  This will be the first company to pay attention to the finer details that have been neglected by all the other guitar companies when it comes to providing proper subtleties in playing feel and function across all our lines for metal music.

Guitar Lines:

Studio Lead Recording

The Studio Metal Lead Recording line will involve only Heavy woods, the finest low profile Floyd Rose Tremolos with block upgrades, and Ibanez Edge Pro Tremolos. Scale Lengths to be respectively shorter from 25", 25.5" and 26" to get the most resonance at respective tunings for the ultimate in lead guitar sound depth.

Live Performance

The Live Metal Performance Instrument Line will bring you medium and light weight woods and Kahler 2-in-1 bridge/trem systems which will allow either fixed bridge or whammy tremolo mode and Scale lengths from 26" to 27" and also a fanned 7-string (25.75"/26.75") and fanned 8-string instrument profile (26"/28").

Studio Rhythm Recording

The Studio Metal Rhythm Recording line will involve Heavy and Medium weight woods, Ibanez Gibraltar FCustom and Gibraltar Fixed 2 Bridges.  Scale Lengths will be from 26.25" to 28" to get a tighter sound for drop-tuned metal and djent riffing.

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