Studio Paneling - Home, Pro and Premium

Record, listen, and mix with ultra clarity and precision! Industry standard acoustic paneling.
Fully Made in Canada with Canadian Materials only!

Panel room treatment available in budget, pro, premium, and premium corporate applications. We use semi rigid fiber glass boards only. Our fire-rated and water-resistant fiber glass is manufactured using the finest rotary process glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resin to produce structurally rigid board insulation, and is designed for use in a wide range of studio/theatre room treatment, and office interior product applications as well as industrial noise control solutions. In addition, these boards are very resilient and resists settling or breakdown, resists sagging from vibration, resists water or moisture; and resists damage from impact which is far superior to other fiber-based absorption boards.
Lowest price nationwide in all classes of paneling and we use only industrial grade and official ASTM Tested materials! Consultations available with Certified Sound Engineers!
Our company offers panel lines in the following categories:
*Home Series Panels = wood framed home studio panel series using high density glass wool boards, real pine wood frames, and wrapped in residential-grade panel fabric.
*Pro Series Panels = frameless panels with resin-hardened edges and FR701 style Fire Rated panel fabric. Offers very balanced sound absorption coefficients across the frequency spectrum
*Premium Series Panels =  the most premium wall panel product available in the industry - also frameless with laser-hardened edges, but has a sleeker ultra flat facing, micromesh under the fabric to fully encapsulate all the fibers and absorb a bit less of the high frequencies to flatten out the top end a bit. This level has our highest end broadcast anchorage style panel fabric with a premium quality and durability on the texture which does not fray at all.  Also available in custom and semi-custom sizing!
*For isolation+absorbtion purpose panels, the Pro or Premium panels would be upgraded with an inner lining layer of SoundBlock vinyl in between 2 boards that allows the panel to both "absorb" echo in the room as well as "block" sound from bleeding through the wall it is attached to. Note you will need to cover 100% of the wall to allow full soundproofing isolation with this system.
-2x4 size! 
-1 inch+0.5 inch gap (Approx 15 dollars cheaper than comparable grade competition and retail pricing)
-Framed in Real Wood!
-Commercial grade formed high density semi-rigid fiberglass wool -Home Grade Panel Fabric
-(Black standard) or a wide variety of swatch colors -Includes D-ring mounting
- 24"x48" size standard! Also in 12"x48" and 24"x24"
-Resin-Hardened Edges, Fabric wrapped/adhered
-Industrial grade, impact resistant, formed semi-rigid fiberglass wool acoustical boards
-Professional Broadcast Panel Fabric from Guilford of Maine: FR701, FR702, FR703 Panel Fabric with wide variety of swatch colors (Fire Rated)
-Industry standard sound absorption coefficients
-Includes impaler clips (No drywall anchors, no large holes!)
-Ceiling Snap-Clip Mounting and Corner angle mounting  available with 45 degree brackets  
-2ft x 4ft and Custom Sizing up to 48"x96"
**Edges are Resined and Laser-Hardened, No wood frames, Laminated Fabric!** -Our Most Durable and prestigious looking panel series!
-Our most impact-resistant absorption surface, hard resined, laser-hardened edges
-Industrial Grade Impact-resistant rotary-formed 6pcf fiberglass wool whisperboards
-Ultra flat micromesh top layer
-Our product with the most balanced sound coefficient absorption rating across the sound spectrum
-Premium Anchorage or Whisper Style Fire Rated Panel Fabric Selection
-Impaler Clip Mounting Included, No Drywall anchors! (Tiny Holes, flanged screws) (Wall Spacers available to offset panels with airgap)
-Flushmount ceiling mounting or hanging ceiling mounting available
-Custom sizing up to 4x8 foot- per Square foot 
-Corner angle mounting also available with 45 degree or other degree brackets


- (pro or premium) With cavity filled with extreme density foam upgrade behind corner mounter Pro or Premium Panels with 45 degree mounting

-Pro CornerTriads - Sub-bass Absorption down to 40HZ!!

-Upgrade to all panel corner mounts. (Custom Corners also available with various corner angle convergences at custom pricing)

FRACTAL CELL DIFFUSORS = Diffusion from 250Hz to 12000khz

-24" x 24" Gypsum Rock Moulded, Finerglass Reinforced.  

-Comparable performance to the construction of wood!

-Comparable Weight to equivalent pine construction

-Screws to Studs or Drywall Anchors


-An upgrade to the Premium 2-inch Panels only is an inner barrier lining which is a layer of SoundBlock vinyl in between two one inch fiberglass wool boards that allows the panel to both "absorb" echo in the room as well as "block" sound from bleeding through the wall it is attached to. *Note: you will need to cover 100% of the wall to trigger room isolation for this Iso-Acoustiwall System.

Our Products are used by: *Corus Entertainment's audio edit suites *Rental Studio Rooms at Cherry Beach Recording Studios *The Broadcast Studios at CIUT 89.5 FM *Numerous Renowned Celebrities and Independent Artists *Our product is carried by DJ Depot, Play De Record, LA music, and Teletech Pro Audio