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Soundcontrol Room Treatments

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Sound Control Acoustics is a unique acoustic solutions company which provides high end acoustic foam and acoustic panels. Our company carries these acoustical treatments from budget to pro to premium quality levels and applications.


Our Acoustic Foam is to industry standard spec for open-cell sound foam. Our Pro and Premium Foam Grades are more firm and denser than acoustic foam from the leading US acoustic foam companies. And this is guaranteed.  Available in many different designs and profiles!


Our fabric-wrapped panels consist of only formed Semi Rigid glasswool wallboards with competitive pricing.  We avoid the use of mineral wool such as roxul for several reasons that have to do with durability, structural integrity, odor, water resistancy, and function. We therefore do not compete with mineral wool-based paneling companies.


Our company offers various different levels of foam and fabric wrapped panels frameless resined-edge Pro and Premium panels as well as Home-grade wood-framed Home Studio panels. 


This company also consists of professional Sound Engineers who went to Metalworks Institute and we have 6 years of experience in acoustically treating and also sound-isolating the following spaces:

-Pro Recording Studios, Home Theatres, Pro Control Rooms and Theatres, Mastering Studios, Audiophile 2-channel Audio Rooms, Churches, Corporate Boardrooms, Bedrooms, Audio Editing Suites, Live Sound Noise control solutions, portable acoustical treatments, sound booths and much more!

*We guarantee the Lowest price on acoustical room treatments in all classes of product. Our products have been selling in the GTA for 6 years with proven reputability.

Our Panels and other Products are used by:
*Corus Entertainment's audio edit suites

*The Broadcast Studios at CIUT 89.5 FM
*Cherry Beach Recording Studio Rental Rooms

*Painted Lady

*Sinking Ship Entertainment
*Numerous Celebrities and Independent Artists
*Our product is sold by DJ Depot, Play De Record, and Teletech Pro Audio

*Our fiberglasswool materials we use are tested according to the ASTM C423 Industry Standard for testing Sound Absorption Coefficients***

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